Pretty Pants at Updates …

I’m so sorry we have been so rubbish at updating you all… It’s pure laziness, haha (definitely Josh, not me 😉 )

We haven’t really been doing much, so there hasn’t been a lot to tell you about. Since Bangkok we have travelled back to Siem Reap, then on the boat to Phnom Penh, then bus to Sihanoukville where we are currently staying for my 27th birthday 😀

Here’s a few snaps we’ve taken recently, be warned some may be disturbing as we visited the Killing Fields and S21 prison in Phnom Pehn.

Crocodile Farm - Siem Reap

Crocodile Farm – Siem Reap

Inside Angkor Wat

Inside Angkor Wat

Josh and I :)

Josh and I 🙂

Tuktuk Phnom Penh

Tuktuk Phnom Penh

Boat to Phnom Pehn

Boat to Phnom Pehn

My handsome on the Tuktuk into Siem Reap Centre

My handsome on the Tuktuk into Siem Reap Centre

Getting sick of this sling selfie

Getting sick of this sling selfie

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

The Bridge in the grounds of Angkor Wat

The Bridge in the grounds of Angkor Wat

The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields

The prisoners of S21 prison

The prisoners of S21 prison

The prisoners of S21 prison

The prisoners of S21 prison

Crab Balls :)

Crab Balls 🙂

To All our friends and family back home <3

To All our friends and family back home ❤


Explore the Elements – Travel Photoblogging challenge #ExploreTheElements

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 04.10.06

Link to full competition info here

I nominate

Travelling the World Solo



The Elliott Quest

His Travel And Work Reporter

Be warned, I do not have a top of the range camera, all photos are taken on an Iphone.

Earth - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Earth – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Air - Moon, Lincolnshire, England

Air – Nights sky , Lincolnshire, England


Water – Koh Chang, Thailand

Fire - Sunset Side of Don Det, Laos

Fire – Sunset Side of Don Det, Laos

I have no hope in hell’s chance of winning – but you guys probably have. The prizes are very good – take a look.

Good Luck

Hayley xxx

Travelled so far…

Everywhere we have travelled so far...

Everywhere we have travelled so far…

As you can see we’ve travelled quite far in just a couple of months. For now, we’re back in Bangkok with the hope the Dr gives me the ok to continue travelling tomorrow.

So far we have travelled the following route :-



Then on to



Then to



And then 😦


Phew, not bad going for a couple of months worth of travelling.

We’re hoping to go back to Cambodia on Tuesday/Wednesday – heading for Phnom Pehn. Cambodia is by far our favourtite country – of those we have visited.

Again, we shall see. Planning is not one of our fortes, haha.

Have a good Sunday all you’s back home – I do hope you’re not indulging in any form of roast dinner 😛

Hayley xx

Travelling South East Asia with a broken collarbone PT 3

So, here we are in Bangkok. One of only two options we were given (there was 3 but this soon got taken away from us :'() – either travel 321 kilometres on a bus to Phnom Penh to Calmetta hospital, or fly to Bangkok to see a surgeon at Thonburi hospital. We obviously chose the latter.

On Monday 2nd I got the all clear for on the doccy, no op needed – WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO. So now we are just waiting for tomorrow (Monday 9th) to come around for a check up X-ray and hopefully we are good to go back travelling.

Fingers and toes crossed.

I honestly don’t know what I’d have done if I’d have been travelling alone. Josh has been an absolute lifesaver, and everything he has done for me has only made me love him more. I have said to him before that if I fell ill he’d be absolutely rubbish and wouldn’t care. I take that comment back, he has been my hero these past two weeks, he’s done everything for me – from carrying my bags, to doing my bra up. I love you Mr Crane, thank you 😘

Could everyone please keep their toes and fingers crossed for tomorrow?

Thank you 🙂

Hayley xxx

Travelling South East Asia With a Broken Collarbone PT 2

So, after we had gotten on to the insurance company they authorised and advised us to go back to the Royal Angkor Hospital for surgery. Little did we know that this wasn’t going to happen, so we sat and waited… And waited for word from the insurance company as to what was going on.

In the meantime we had been in to see the surgeon, he had advised me to eat (this immediately set alarm bells ringing as I know at home its nil by mouth before an op), but off we went to the hotel down the road for some grub.

Once back at the hospital there still was no news. I was getting increasingly nervous, and this bought on bouts of sickness… GREAT( I  have never had an operation before, never mind in Cambodia).

We proceeded to wait in the hospital for TEN HOURS, not really knowing what was going on, apart from the occasional “no email” from the hospital staff.

In the end we got bored, we couldn’t see an operation happening, as it was now around 8pm Cambodian time, so we went back to the hostel where we had left all our bags.

Needless to say we were both pretty pissed off ( I was secretly relieved), so contacted the insurance company when back to find out what in earth was going on.

So, here we are, In Sivalai Place in Bangkok, nearly a week after the incident occurred (two weeks now), waiting to see the surgeon on Monday 2nd.

To be continued …

Travelling South East Asia with a broken collarbone …

We were 10 days into our trip to Cambodia, Josh & I decided to visit the war museum in Siem Reap (seeing as we both read First They Killed My Father & were intrigued about Cambodia’s reign under the Khmer Rouge).

We arrived there at approx 11am, paid the $10 each for entry and then were greeted by our guide. We were only about 15 minutes in when I was woken by the sound of “Hayley, Hayley, wake up” – bit strange as I thought I was in a dream, but subsequently had knocked myself unconscious from collapsing from a bench to the concrete floor.

Hmmm. Not good. Josh helped me up from the floor, where I still felt incredibly weak, and my right arm felt abit weird. Josh had asked the guide if he could please get me some water, so I had a few sips and then was taken to an air-conditioned room near the entrance of the museum. This room felt as though I had entered heaven – so different from the furnace outside the building.

We both sat in this room for a little while, with a bloke in military uniform who spoke very limited English. I soon realised that I could barely move my arm – something was wrong.

Next stop – hospital – The Royal Angkor International Hospital. Not before we were chased by the guide for the $2 he wanted for the bottle of water I had – we thought this was quite cheeky as we’d not long paid the $20 entry that we obviously wouldn’t be completing, but we paid up and were on our way to the hospital.

Getting into the Tuktuk was an issue, the pain was shooting through my shoulder as I tried to plonk myself on the seat as carefully as possible. Luckily the hospital was literally round the corner, so only a minute or so of horrific roads to endure.

The tuktuk driver handed us a 10% off card, which we appreciated afterwards – the hospital was ludicrously priced. It seems tuktukers out here literally get commission from everything – including the medical attention I received! Crazy.

So we entered the hospital, Josh filled out the necessary forms they required (as I’m right handed I couldn’t write), and off we went through to see the doctor. The bill so far amounts to $145 .
I had my blood pressure taken, which they told me was pretty low (92/50 something) and we were taken into another room. Here the doctor examined my shoulder & told us he’d need to take X-Rays…. Brilliant.

Josh helped me to get undressed (I’d worn possibly the tightest bra EVER on that day and instantly regretted it!), and changed into a kimono. They took me into another room where I had to sit like a waddling penguin (arms straight both sides hands flat out) whilst they took X-rays. I then got changed and back to see Dr Cambodia.

Now for the news neither of us wanted. It was a break of the clavicle, acromial end… With seperation and overlapping of the bone. Beautiful.
There was more to come… I need an operation to rectify it. Bloody marvellous! Just what I’ve always wanted – an operation in a hospital where they speak very little English – in a third world country.
The doctor said he would do it there and then, I point blank refused – not a hope in hell I was having it done, not without talking to our insurers and at least googling the hospital first! So, I asked the doc for pain relief & we then left him and went to pay the bill.

The doctor had prescribed me tablets (10) called Celebrex, for a ridiculous price of $45 USD – so expensive! We then were handed the bill (which included a 10% discount)… 347.50 USD. You haven’t read that wrong, this was the price we paid to see the doctor for all of fifteen minutes, have two X-rays and be given 10 tablets. An absolute rip-off – we could only begin to imagine what he operation would have cost.

We then left the hospital, struggled back into the tuktuk, and back on our way to Hak’s House Hostel.

After at least 20 minutes of what can only be seen as off-roading in a tuktuk, we were back at the hostel – our home for the next few nights.

Onto the insurance company we got.

To be continued…

IMG_3537 Broken Clavicle – my $200 X-ray!

Cambodia – we’ve arrived 😀

So after a long bus journey, on an 11 seater minibus – which they fitted 17 of us in …. We’re here. The journey from Don Det to Siem Reap was bloody hard work, but worth it to finally be here.

We left Don Det at about 8:30 and arrived here in Siem Reap at 19:00…. An incredibly long journey, with no space in the minibus (that we were told was a VIP bus, but obvs not). We couldn’t wait to get here!

So now, we’re here, we’re loving the weather… Question is… What sites would you recommend in Cambodia?


Been there, Don Det – wouldn’t return!

So, we’ve been staying on the island of Don Det five days now, we ventured over here from Vientiane.

Don’t get us wrong it’s a beautiful island, with lovely views of the Mekong, it just lacks in anything to do, bar eat… And if drinking is your thing, drink.

However, as we’ve stayed during Laos winter, there are flies that are attracted to the lights at nighttime EVERYWHERE!!! Including our room, every single bloody night 👺!!

I think they have been playing a game with us, how many of them can fit in our room, because seriously, the numbers are in their thousands! It’s ridiculous, and now we cannot wait to leave the island tomorrow.

Such a shame, because we came here to Mr Tho’s bungalows for a little break, but with next to no sleep we’re knackered and now just want to escape back to mainland.

I wouldn’t recommend coming here during Laos winter to anyone, unless you want to be swatting all night long, summer may be different, but we certainly won’t be returning 👎

The Land of Scams – BANGKOK

View from the TukTuk :)

We had been very lucky with the fact that we had read various blogs before coming travelling – so were well aware of the scams that are pulled throughout Bangkok. However, we never expected the men to be such good actors & fantastic at pulling tourists in!

So …For our first day-trip in Bangkok we decided to visit the Grand Palace, a beautiful palace that once used to be home to the King of Thailand ( a must see when visiting Bangers). This is where the scam began…

Whilst wandering over towards the Grand Palace, we were approached by a guy that looked like a tourist. He told us that he had been studying English and loves to practice whenever he can – so we happily spoke to him. He asked where we were headed, so we let him know our intention of going to the Grand Palace – to which he said he could get us a good deal on a tuktuk (as he was a local). For 20Baht we could see all of the sites in Bangkok! At this point we had cottoned on that infact this guy was a tout, not the helpful guy he had seemed. The guy explained to us that we ‘must’ get in a tuk-tuk with a yellow numberplate – as these are the only tuk-tuks that do this deal . The moment he had said this one just so happened to be coming round the corner – and he flagged it down for us (how nice of him! Haha).

We managed to get away from this – some others we have spoken to haven’t been so lucky & have paid the 20Baht only to be taken to tailors, gem stores etc where they have felt heavily pressured into buying something. So, when approached by a seemingly helpful Thai guy (with a handy map either in his pocket or attached to a tree), try to fob him off, don’t listen to his offer of the 20Baht ride – this is a con, you will not be taken to the Palaces, and instead will spend the afternoon in either a tailors or a gem store – or even worse – BOTH.

Shortly after this, on the way back from the Palace, we actually realised that there was a tuk-tuk carpark directly behind where we were stood – the guy must have signaled to one of the drivers to come round – haha – more fool us for not noticing!

We’ve now traveled in various TukTuks throughout Thailand, but always, always make sure you set a price & destination first 😀

A months worth of WordPressing to do :)

We’ve been positively PANTS at posting of late, so today we are going to be spending the afternoon updating the blog on all the weird & wonderful things we’ve been up to – including reviews (with both Josh and my separate opinions 🙂 )

Hope you’re having a fab day wherever you are in the world – and apologies in advance for all the upcoming posts 😀